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Janelle's Favorite Things from E3 2015

Janelle Bonanno | 25 Jun 2015 18:00
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E3 2015 was one for the history books. After attending six E3s in my lifetime, this one was definitely the best. Hell, I don't think an E3 has made me this excited since 2009, when Microsoft rocked the video game world by unveiling "Project Natal." Not only that, but the event was enveloped in overall positivity and enthusiasm on levels I don't remember experiencing in the past. The current generation of gaming has finally awoken and sucker-punched the industry in a collective offering of awesome line-ups and technology that everyone should be excited for. It's about time.

Even though every nook and corner of the convention was filled with something to be excited about, we admitingly don't get that much time with each game. Sometimes you don't even get any hands-on time. This can make it hard to catch every potential hit and weed out the potential disappointments. That said, there are always the handful of games that catch your particular eye. The following are my favorite things from E3.

King's Quest: A Knight to Remember

Kings Quest 3x3

One of my fondest memories in gaming is getting together with my best friend in elementary school to embark on our next floppy disk adventure. Adventure game that is. And our favorite was the King's Quest series by Sierra. That was back in 1990 and we haven't been back to Daventry since 1998. But, absence makes the heart grow yonder, and after a 17 year hiatus, King's Quest is back, baby. It's back!

In this new reimagining of the franchise, an aging King Graham reflects back on his life in a series of stories told to his granddaughter, Gwendolyn. Now, nostalgia is a funny thing when it comes to games and a franchise reboot always leaves me skeptical, but it seems like Sierra is doing it right. The team consulted with none other than Roberta and Ken Williams themselves, co-founders of the original Sierra, and leading figures in adventure games and King's Quest. The game is beautifully hand-painted using watercolors and includes and all-star cast of voiceactors. But more importantly, after an hour with the game, it seems to have captured the spark that made the original a classic. Above all, you can tell just by watching the new game's creators take you through it that this was a labor of love, and so far, I love everything about it. Next month's first chapter release can't come soon enough!

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