E3 2015
Joshua's Favorite Games From E3 2015

Joshua Vanderwall | 26 Jun 2015 15:00
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3. XCOM 2

I've been an XCOM fan for more than 20 years at this point, and I was incredibly impressed with Enemy Unknown and equally so with the follow-up Enemy Within. Having played the new XCOMs for hundreds of hours at this point, I didn't actually recognize that much room for improvement in the game. When I saw the demo (this was strictly hands-off, mind you) for XCOM 2, however, I realized just how wrong I'd been. Firaxis took the foundation laid with Enemy Unknown, and improved upon it in a number of obvious ways, and I'm particularly excited to see what improvements have been made that aren't quite so in-your-face as what I did notice in the demo.

Some of the most obvious changes included line of sight being clearly marked on the grid, so you wouldn't find yourself wandering into the line of fire by accident. There's more detailed information on the ability tooltips, and ostensibly other tooltips throughout the game, which will have virtually no impact on the more casual audience, but will save the more hardcore folks many trip to a wiki page for specific details. They've added new classes, touched on melee combat, and brought some new types of alien (and alien sympathizers) to bear. The announced procedurally generated maps will go a long way to ensure permanent replayability as well. One of my few complaints from EU was that I'd learned some of the maps too well after repeating them in several missions. See you in November, Commander.

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