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UbiSoft 2010 Press Conference @ E3

Steve Butts | 14 Jun 2010 18:25
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Next up was Tommy Francois, the director of a new project called Innergy. This title, which is called a game but isn't, is a bit of software that uses an energy sensor that fits over your finger to track your body signals. We're not entirely sure what all it tracks because the demo focused solely on getting Joel to breath in a slow rhythm that was tracked by a slowly rising and falling character. The idea is that you can plug this sensor into your computer and use the body signals to reduce your stress and improve your life.

The health benefits of the next Kinect titles seemed a bit more apparent. Motion Sports lets players engage in amateur athletics in their living rooms. Realistic-looking versions of skiing, soccer and football were all shown in a humorous demo reel that emphasized the party aspects of the title.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved was up next. Demoed by fitness expert Michael George and Ubisoft's international brand manager Felicia Williams, Your Shape is described as "your own personal gym." Using a player projection that not only analyzes movements but also reads your dimensions, the new game includes routines to simulate personal training, fitness classes and various other activities. The coach helps by correcting your form, but doesn't bother to tell you that your avatar is on fire.

Next up was a new Raving Rabbids game for the Wii. This time around, the bizarre bunny things are traveling back in time to help cavemen discover fire, vandalize Egyptian monuments, and frustrate the king-making abilities of a certain sword in a certain stone.

After an hour, the show finally got to Ghost Recon Future Soldier. The new game emphasizes the technology of the futuristic battlefield including optical camouflage and cross com awareness devices. The trailer showed off lots of the technology but we had to wait for a full demo from producer Adrian Lacey and designer Rafael Morado to see the game in action. The level we saw showed the Ghosts landing on a European coast, tasked with attacking an enemy stronghold and taking a particularly high value target. More impressive, the game also includes a new four-player cooperative play in the campaign.

Next up was Driver 3, which not only returns the action to San Francisco and brings back John Tanner and Charles Jericho. Though it has a modern setting, the trailer was full of 1970s goodness drawn directly from movies like Bullett and The French Connection. San Francisco is the perfect car chase city and the trailer really shows it off well. Better still, the game includes more than a hundred licensed cars, including Tanner's signature Dodge Challenger RT, and they all can be damaged.

To close out the night, Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot showed up to reveal a few new projects including Dust, a new elemental disaster game that looks cool and a very artistic take on Rayman, [I]Rayman Origins. I was surprised that Rayman didn't get more stage time, particularly given the amazing art style, but I guess that kind of stuff plays better in France. Ubisoft also announced maniaplanet, a new user-powered PC gaming zone that takes the user created content of [I]Trackmania and applies it to the three popular genres of racing, shooter and strategy.

There are playable versions of many of these games on the show floor, so look for more impressions once the show floor opens tomorrow.

Oh, also, they have a Michael Jackson dancing game.

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