e3 2014
New Mirror's Edge 2 Details Emerge

Jonathan Bolding | 9 Jun 2014 15:39
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Mirror's Edge 2 is in active development, with conceptual prototype footage shown off.

Electronic Arts has shown off some inside details about Mirror's edge at E3 2014, and while hard details are currently scant, some inside knowledge was given about the development:

  • Faith continues to be the central, and only, character.
  • The game has refocused on faith's primary colors of red, white, and black for the character's new design.
  • The game will not abandon the previous title's minimalist design.
  • Faith's physicality will be strictly modeled, as they consider it a principal part of her personality.
  • The game developers worked directly with parkour athletes to get game's moves right.
  • Combat was shown, with single hits taking down enemies. It looked much faster than original Mirrors Edge combat, and attacks never stopped faith and preserved her momentum.


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