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The Escapist's Best of E3 2014 Award Winners

The Escapist Staff | 12 Jun 2014 19:43
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True to the series' strengths, a stronghold assault can be accomplished any number of ways. You can ride headfirst in with the elephant, or try to sneak in and use stealth attacks to take out the enemy soldiers. I'm not the backstabbiest guy, but I gave the stealth tactic the old college try and I wasn't disappointed. You can quietly attack folks with the new automatic crossbow weapon so as not to immediately alert the whole base. There's also some interesting ways you can manipulate the environment to increase your chances of success. You can cut the brakes for a jeep on a hill, and the vehicle will roll down and possible take out a few guards with gravity alone. It's also a good idea to cut the alarm wires so they can't call in reinforcements.

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