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The Escapist Staff | 12 Jun 2014 19:43
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But lets not talk about the controls. They're good and everything, but they're not what make Shadow of Mordor interesting. Monotlith's Nemesis system does that.

Nemesis is a procedurally generated mission system in which players attempt to overthrow a handful of warlords using a combination of social engineering and violence. If you've ever watched House of Cards, you're already familiar with the idea.

In Shadow of Mordor, killing a warlord isn't enough, because he's just going to be replaced by another warlord. If you want to win, you'll need to turn your enemies against one another, and work the system until one of your own orcs is installed into power. But the orcan political system is constantly in flux, which means that your orc's head could easily end up on the floor.

Watching my plans fall to pieces while I attempted to control the reins was depressingly common, but I never wanted to yank the plug out of the wall. I just wanted to find more clever ways to outsmart the baddies.

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