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H.D. Russell | 2 Sep 2015 03:00
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"League of Geeks' upcoming title Armello is a digital four player board game that takes players to a magical world that has been cloaked in darkness. There are four heroes, each of which has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, with the option of playing aggressively or stealthily. There is questing, scheming, exploring, and vanquishing, as you plot against the King, fight off the King's royal guards, and battle against other players with the ultimate goal of becoming either King or Queen of Armello."

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"Tharsis plays like a hyper-strategic digital boardgame that forces the player to weigh risk versus reward, manage a small crew of astronauts by keeping them fed, sane, and alive, and completing repairs and a variety of other tasks throughout different areas of the spacecraft."

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