PAX Prime 2015
PAX Roundup

H.D. Russell | 2 Sep 2015 03:00
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Pax Prime, one of the biggest conventions in the industry was held this past week in Seattle, WA. With many tens of thousands in attendance, some of our team was privileged enough to attend and here's some of the most impressive games that we witnessed:


Rising Thunder

"Rising Thunder is a fighting game that was developed with the mindset that fighting games should be less complicated, taking only several hours to learn well instead of several weeks, or even several months."

Check out our whole preview here.



"Gigantic is a free-to-play third-person shooter MOBA, where teams of five heroes battle alongside gigantic monsters in a quest for supremacy. The heroes you can choose from are numerous and each has its own play style, blurring the line between genres. If you normally play fighters, there's a hero suited to your set of skills, and the same goes for shooters, RPGs, MOBAs and so on."

Check out our whole preview here

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