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New Dungeons & Dragons Next and Tyranny of Dragons Details Emerge

Jonathan Bolding | 16 Apr 2014 18:24
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Further details were revealed about the general shape of Dungeons & Dragons to come emerged during the panel's Q & A section, and the most interesting information asked of Perkins was about settings other than the Forgotten Realms. When asked about the other settings that D&D has had in the past, Perkins said that all "key" settings would be supported "in some way." In regards to the Eberron setting in particular, Perkins was cagey with details but said that Eberron fans will "love" what is being done for the setting, further implying that Eberron creator Keith Baker would be somehow involved. It's hard to say what else can be considered a "key" setting, but if Wizards' past choices can be counted on, then Dark Sun will likely be included in that list. Perkins also provided more details about Ravenloft saying that players would see more Ravenloft content "very soon."

"Dragonlance is not dead," said Perkins when asked about the classic setting. However, when asked about it after the panel, Perkins said that the R&D team as it is now would require a "specialist" to do work on Dragonlance. Which when I released it into the wild via Twitter prompted this rather hilarious twitter exchange between one of Dragonlance's authors, Margaret Weis, and Cam Banks, who did work for Dragonlance during the Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition era. Beyond that Dragonlance nugget, the only further detail revealed was that Wizards of the Coast wanted to "Do right by their settings."

Further details include that Dungeons & Dragons' Fifth Edition is about 97.9% complete. In regards to class design, and specifically addressing complaints that in the Fourth Edition of the game every character felt the same, Perkins said that there was no symmetrical design between classes, and that the game was designed so that at each level of play no character felt "like crap." However, he said, "classes gain features asymmetrically, and every class has its thing ... and feels very different from others."

Perkins ended the session by saying that there would be a new line of tie-in fiction featuring iconic characters to fit alongside both the Tyranny of Dragons event and the launch of Fifth Edition D&D.

Above all of these things, though, is the confirmation that Modrons are back in the game - Wizards of the Coast showed concept art and everything. No take-backsies on this one or we riot.

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