The Costumes of PAX Prime 2010

John Funk | 9 Sep 2010 17:00
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Whether you're a personal fan of the hobby or not, cosplay takes more than a bit of talent (to do well), and a whole lot of guts. Not only do you have to spend time and money trying to accurately reproduce a nonexistent article of clothing in real seams and stitches, but you also need to go to a convention with thousands of other people and wear it. That's a special kind of devotion right there.

Two members of The Escapist staff were walking the show floor at PAX Prime 2010 last weekend in Seattle (bonus points if you can guess who!), and we had our trusty cameras on hand. We snapped plenty of pictures of plenty of cool-looking cosplayers, and thought we'd share the talent with you! These might be our favorites, but to see more, check out our gallery of pictures!


Tron Bonne might be cute, but fear the wrath of Servbot.

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