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Steampunk Teddy Roosevelt?! SDCC Cosplay Gallery 1

Ross Lincoln | 25 Jul 2014 12:35
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Loyal readers, you don't really need us to tell you that San Diego Comic-Con is currently dropping a nuclear bomb-size number of people right onto downtown San Diego, do you? Well, just in case, San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing, and The Escapist is there, wading through endless multitudes and enduring the humidity that only the crush of a thousand exhausted superfans can create, all to bring the story back to you. You're welcome.

But we're not the only ones putting in the hard work - in fact, we're not even the hardest workers. Given the heat and intense humidity, the dedication of cosplayers in attendance, some of whom must surely be absolutely dying inside their costumes, is impressive to the extreme. So, while we wait for the deluge of news to come out of today's installment of the convention, let's pause for a moment and pay tribute to the fans whose devotion to the craft of costuming and love of creative arts gives them what must be superhuman endurance.

TL,DR version of the above: There is a ton of amazing cosplay this year at SDCC, we'll be showing as much of it to you as we can, and we'll start now with this gallery. Enjoy.

First up, the second most popular man in Westeros, Oberyn Martell.


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