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You May Recognize The Escapist's New Editor-In-Chief

Greg Tito | 5 Sep 2013 15:00
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Greg Tito EIC

When I wrote my first feature for The Escapist, I had no idea I would eventually be penning a letter like this. It was a silly little piece about how Alpha Centauri ruined my burgeoning playwriting career, but I was proud of being associated with a new brand of games journalism, one that was centered around the experience of playing games rather than the hot new pixels and polygons. To my surprise and delight, I was hired as a full-time editor in 2009, and I slowly worked my way up by helping the team make decisions as to how we write about the games we love. I'm proud to announce I've been appointed as the new Editor in Chief of The Escapist starting ... right now.

Many of you know me from hosting the Escapist News Wrap, or the Podcat, or as the guy who gave Dragon Age 2 five stars. I'm not afraid to make a joke, or point out the absurdity of someone's argument, but I also don't back down from defending something I love. (Seriously, back off, DA2 is a fantastic game.) The same passion that drives me to take over the world in Civilization is what will motivate me in making sure I exceed your expectations in bringing you the great features, news and videos you want to read or watch.

I know it's not going to be easy; internet publishing is changing. It's no longer possible to create a PDF magazine and email it to game developers to build an audience like The Escapist did in 2005. We used to identify ourselves as the New York Times of videogames, but the New York Times isn't even the New York Times any more. In order to survive in the minefield of the interwebs, we have to adapt. (We also have to do more cosplay of Saints Row 4, like in the photo to the right.)

In the coming months, the team and I aim to revitalize the website and make it a fresh destination for new voices in games writing, as well a place where industry veterans can come to roost. One of the first changes is Josh Vanderwall, our Senior Editor in charge of news, will be taking over my old position as Managing Editor, and Janelle Bonanno will be taking point on, our sister site devoted to MMOs and MOBAs. (Check it out!)

I will always have my virtual door open to hear your comments and complaints. Send me a PM, or ping me on Twitter @gregtito, and I'll engage with you in any respectful conversation as to what you're looking for at The Escapist, and what you aren't.

I can't wait to continue delivering what's great about the The Escapist now, and to bring you exciting new stuff you didn't even know you wanted. Here's to making the greatest website covering games and nerd culture even better.

See you at the Escapist Expo in a few weeks!

Game on,


Greg Tito
Editor in Chief
The Escapist

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