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Top 6 Reasons to Get Back Into Pokemon

Justin Clouse | 25 Oct 2013 17:00
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More Convenient Trading

Long gone are the days of dragging out my GameBoy link cable or trying to get that IR sensor perfectly aligned in order to trade. The 3DS is capable of bringing all the convenience and reach that Wi-Fi and the Internet have to offer. Whether it's trading with someone in the room or half way across the globe, Pokemon X and Y makes it easier than ever to "catch them all". In addition to only certain species appearing in X or Y, there's other incentives to trading. Pokemon from other world regions level faster and some variations or colorations of Pokemon will only appear depending on where you live. There's even a Wonder Trade option to blindly play the lottery and see what you get. Fair warning: it's probably that flower ones.

Super Training

As a returning player that may or may not have "rare candy glitched" my team to max level, EV (Effort Value) is a mechanic that was entirely new and perhaps a bit mind boggling to me. For those who also don't know, EV is the way that your Pokemon's stats level up while it fights. The simplest explanation is that your Pokemon's stats advance in response to what they are fighting. Battle a bunch of fast Pokemon and your speed goes up more than it normally would, for example. This however is not always desirable when looking to min/max your team to its absolute potential, which usually means focusing on a few key stats and not wasting your pool of EV on stats you don't want or need. This used to be accomplished by sending out a junk starter that could absorb whatever fights you didn't need and only sending out your specific Pokemon when a desirable win was found. You can still do it this way, but Super Training can replace this in a much more clear and concise manner. Want your Pokemon to have more Speed? Have it do speed training and use speed punching bags. Also, if you ever screw up or want to change, no longer do you need to start fresh. You can use bags to reset all your EV stats or berries to knock points out of a specific stat.

Perfect On-The-Go Gameplay

While traveling this week it has really rung true as one of the best features and that is Pokemon's ability to be a near perfect game to play on the go. The overworld navigation, battles and turn based combat means there's no reason to "pause" the gameplay if you suddenly need to put it down. The game is naturally paused whenever you're not actively giving it a command. If you're mid battle, it's simple enough to close the screen and toss it in your bag, and the game isn't so complex that even if you don't get back to the game for several hours you'll have forgotten your battle plan or strategy . It's the perfect companion for a 3DS when you're not just parked on the couch.

Whether you're a returning fan or a die-hard with every Pokemon game in their collection, there's a lot to enjoy with Pokemon X and Y. There's loads of new Pokemon to capture and tons to see and do in the game. If you need some more help just starting out, check out our Pokemon X and Y Guide for Beginners.

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