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Check Out The Escapist Award Nominations for the Best Games of 2013

The Escapist Staff | 24 Dec 2013 09:00
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2013 was a good year for video games and it was hard to narrow down our lists this year. The Escapist editors agonized and deliberated for what felt like an eternity over which games were naughty and which ones deserved to make the cut. What were the best games of 2013? Was BioShock Infinite too over-the-top in its imagery? Was Pokemon too niche? Was Aliens: Colonial Marines bad enough to be good? That's crazy talk, but this is the kind of thing we talk about after 5 and half pots of coffee.

Rather than just name a single Game of the Year, we decided to split the many great games of 2013 into genres and pick a winner from five nominees. In this article, we announce the nominees in the following categories, and next week we'll announce the winners along with our nominees for the best overall Game of 2013. Then in the first week of January, we'll announce our Game of the Year before we start looking ahead to the games of 2014.

Without further ado, here are the nominees for The Escapist Awards in the following genres:

Best Shooter of 2013
Best Platformer of 2013
Best RPG of 2013
Best Strategy Game of 2013
Best Action-Adventure Game of 2013
Best Adventure Game of 2013
Best Horror Game of 2013

Click next to see the next list, or click on your favorite genre to see why we picked those games.

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