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The Winners of The Escapist Awards and Game of the Year Nominees

The Escapist Staff | 31 Dec 2013 09:00
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Whether you're a member of the PC Gaming Master Race or a couch-based console junkie, 2013 had a lot to offer in the gaming space. From darling indie titles like Papers, Please to triple-A juggernauts like GTA V, gameplay, story, graphics, and soundtracks came together to create some of the most immersive and impressive videogame experiences to date.

When The Escapist editors put our heads together, we discovered that there were simply too many great games this year to just pick one, so we've split them up by genre and crowned a winner for each category. There were a few titles that stood out in their field enough to consider for the overall Game of the Year award. You can find the nominees for Game of the Year today, with the winner being announced next week.

Without further ado, here are the winners of The Escapist Awards 2013:

Best Shooter of 2013
Best Platformer of 2013
Best RPG of 2013
Best Strategy Game of 2013
Best Action-Adventure Game of 2013
Best Adventure Game of 2013
Best Horror Game of 2013

And if you just want to jump to our overall Game of the Year 2013 nominees, click here and bask in the glory of one of the best years in gaming history.

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