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Alien Games at Their Best and Worst

Paul Goodman | 7 Jan 2014 16:30
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There's a new Alien game on the horizon - which you can catch a glimpse of in Justin's preview - and it's looking to be one tough survival horror title that will scare the pants off of just about anyone who plays it. But since we've some time to kill before it arrives on consoles and PC later this year, this is the perfect opportunity to rewatch the Alien movies (unless you hated one of them in particular) and look through some of the best - and worst - Alien games throughout gaming history.

The Good


4). Aliens: Infestation

For the Nintendo DS, Infestation is a tough, Metroid-style side-scroller that lets players control a fire team of Colonial Marines as they battle against an alien-infested starship.

The most challenging aspect of this game, though, was that character death was permanent - if one of your squad mates gets eaten, they're gone for good, which could be particularly heart wrenching since many of the characters you can unlock each have their own distinct appearance and personalities. With a tense atmosphere, Infestation gave players a great bug hunt to remember.


3). Aliens vs. Predator (1999)

This first person shooter let players join the fray as either a xenomorph, colonial marine, or a predator in three different storylines. What made this game so much fun were the differing styles of play that each race brought to the table - You could crawl along the ceiling and through ventilation shafts to drop on the unsuspecting heads of marines as an alien, or stalk your victims invisibly as a powerful predator. Or if you'd prefer, you can rely on a trusty pulse rifle and motion tracker to survive in a mix up of survival horror and shooter.


2). Alien Trilogy

A PlayStation-era first person shooter, Alien Trilogy let players experience a story loosely adapted from the original Alien films. Starring Ellen Ripley - as a colonial marine this time around - you'll have to battle your way through alien hordes and infected colonists.

With claustrophobic environments and xenomorphs and facehuggers lurking around every corner, Alien Trilogy was an action-packed experience that any hardcore fan of the franchise would enjoy.


1). Aliens vs. Predator (1994)

This beat 'em up arcade game may be mixing franchise with its inclusion of characters from the Predator movies, but you can't deny that it was one helluva fun game. Set in San Drad, California, which has recently been overrun by the xenomorph threat, players can choose from two cyborg human soldiers (like the katana-wielding Lt. Linn Kurosawa) or two predator warriors and start slicing, dicing, and beating the crap out of the alien hordes with a variety of melee and ranged weapons. - including a wicked cool shoulder cannon that just destroyed everything that moved.

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