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Surviving Bloodborne - 10 Tips and Tricks

Mitchell Saltzman | 26 Mar 2015 11:00
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Lesson 5: Don't Fight Every Battle

I know it may seem like the cowardly thing to do, but sometimes running away is simply the best option in a fight. The portion of the game in the beginning in Yharnam where all of the villagers are crowding around the bonfire is a perfect example. There is very little to gain from fighting all of those enemies. You don't get many echoes from them, it's very easy to get overwhelmed and killed, and chances are you're going to use more vials just trying to survive than you'll get once the battle is over.

Instead, try to take the path of least resistance. Run past the enemies into the next room instead of fighting them. You'll find that a majority of enemies in Bloodborne don't actually chase you very far.

The same is true for most large enemies. If there's an enemy that's giving you a lot of trouble and you can find a way around it, do it. Obviously, you won't always be able to run past enemies or you'll never get the echoes needed to level up, but at the same time don't think that you have to fight every fight. You can always come back to an area once you're stronger and satisfy your need for vengeance.

Lesson 6: If You Hit A Wall, Come Back To It Later

Chances are that you'll reach a point in Bloodborne where you just cannot beat a boss. It'll feel like all you're doing is just throwing yourself into a meatgrinder, and paying echoes each time in order to do so. In cases like that, it's better to just turn away from the fog door and check out your other options.

Explore pathways you haven't been down yet, go back to a previous waypoint and see if you can find any loot that you missed out on, and talk to all of the NPC's you've talked to again to see if they have any new dialogue. Not only will this refresh your mind, but you'll most likely obtain plenty of souls needed to level up, find weapon upgrade materials, or maybe some new blood gems that will make your fight against the boss you're stuck on much easier.

That's the beauty of Bloodborne's design. There are so many different pathways to go down at any given time, especially once the game opens up when you reach the Cathedral Ward.

Lesson 7: If You're Truly Stuck, Try Some Jolly Cooperation


Never forget that you're not alone when playing Bloodborne. Early on in the game you get what's known as the Beckoning Bell. Use it outside of a fog door, wait for a couple of minutes, and the game will search for someone nearby who is ringing the resonant bell. Once a match is found, the resonant bell ringer will be summoned into the world of the beckoning bell ringer, and you'll be able to tackle a boss together.

All that it costs to summon a player into your world is one insight, which can be earned by encountering and defeating bosses, or using an item called Madman's Knowledge. They're pretty easy to come by, and you'll likely have a huge stockpile of them by the end of the game, so don't feel like you need to be frugal with them.

If you'd like to help someone else, you can buy the Small Resonant Bell from the Insight Shop in Hunter's Dream, which can be found through the door opposing the item stash.

Lesson 8: Be Spatially Aware

This is probably my own number one killer. It's extremely important in Bloodborne to know what's around you. Make sure if you're circling to your left, that there's not a pillar or a fence, or a wall over there or you'll find that you've got nowhere to go, which will be bad news for you. Also make sure you don't wind up backing yourself up into uncharted territory. The worst thing you can do is unknowingly attract the aggro of a bunch of enemies that were minding their own business until you waltzed in.

And of course, never walk too close to edges. There just might be a trollish villager waiting to shove you off.


Lesson 9: Don't Always Lock On

For the most part, you should lock on to enemies. It allows you to strafe around them, it gives you a nice and quick dash that you can use to dart out of the way and quickly close the distance, and it ensures that your attacks won't miss. That being said, there are a few times when facing off against a large boss where not locking on is actually a better strategy. Not locking on allows you the freedom to run and roll in any direction, which can be invaluable for avoiding certain attacks. It's also helpful when you're aiming for a specific weak spot that you can't lock on to.

Lesson 10: Use Pebbles To Draw Aggro

Pebbles are actually great tools for getting the attention of a single enemy without drawing the attention of a mob. Its especially useful to separate dogs from their masters, as fighting against a dog and its companion is an absolute nightmare. Chances are you'll amass a huge surplus of pebbles over the course of the game, but if you ever run low, you can always kill some crows to farm some more.

* * * * *

And that's it! Follow these 10 lessons and I guarantee you, you will see at least a 50 percent drop in rage induced controller destruction. Have any of your own Bloodborne tips you'd like to share? Drop a comment and let us know!

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