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The Most Awesome Experiences I Had At SDCC 2015

Mitchell Saltzman | 14 Jul 2015 01:30
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With every year, San Diego Comic Con grows larger and larger, to the point where even the massive San Diego Convention Center can't contain even half of everything there is to do over the course of the four day convention.

But that's also one of the things that I like most about SDCC, because it allows you to do some exploring. To venture out into downtown San Diego, into the Gaslamp District, and be able to find awesome fan experiences that are hidden away from the convention hall. Many of which don't even require badges!

So in between taking pictures for the various cosplay galleries, I went out and explored the streets of downtown San Diego to find some of the most fun things to do outside of the doors of the Convention Center.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 - Zombies Escape Room


I love escape rooms. People may say that virtual reality is the closest thing to feeling like you're inside a video game, but a good escape room to me feels like you're playing a real life version of one of the excellent Zero Escape games. Working together with a team by calling out potential clues, trying to figure out how the clues fit together in order to open some sort safe, all with the eventual goal of trying to get out of locked room.

Which was why I was super excited when I learned that the Call of Duty tent on Second Avenue housed a Black Ops 3 - Zombies inspired escape room for con goers to try out for free.


Of course while most Escape Rooms give you an hour to try and figure out how to escape, for the sake of keeping the line moving, this was a very truncated version, having a time limit of only about 10 minutes or so.

Still, the atmosphere was thick, with one room taking place inside of a 1920's burlesque club, and another taking place inside of a magician's apartment. Whichever room you went into though, things would quickly take a turn for the worse as zombies would try to crawl through windows and fireplaces, requiring players to board up the openings just like you'd expect while playing a round of Zombies in Call of Duty.

The room I was in required us to unlock a cabinet containing a deck of playing cards with an X, O, triangle, and square on four specific cards. By arranging them in the order of how they would be on a Playstation controller, we were able to get the combination to open a lock that would give us the item we needed to place inside the Mystery Box to unlock the door leading to our escape.

All in all, this was a super fun fan experience and a great way to introduce the new Zombies mode to the masses at Comic Con.

The Nerdist's Conival Experience


Over at Petco Park, Nerdist helped transform the baseball stadium into a "Conival," featuring demo stations for people to try out the E3 demo of 2K's Battleborn, snag a few photo ops, check out some special guest panels, participate in American Gladiator style jousting, and most importantly, play laser tag.

That's right, Laser Tag made its return to Petco Park this year, and mercifully took place inside the actual stadium this time instead of subjecting its players to the fury of the blazing sun like last year.

As cool as laser tag was though, it doesn't hold a candle to what was offered over at the Microsoft lounge for a little game called Halo 5.

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