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Letters to the Editor: Of Love and Games

The Escapist Staff | 10 Feb 2009 08:33
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In response to "Like Gamer, Like Son" from The Escapist Forum: Great article.

I'm looking forward to hearing these bonding stories from the next generation of gamers, the kids who will grow up not knowing a world devoid of metroids and blue shells.

- Graham

It used to be the same for me, only with my brother :)
He loved watching me play the RE games, it freaked him out too!

Some of my fondest memories of hanging out with him consist of me sitting at my computer playing WoW, and him sitting to my right playing my Xbox 360. We would sporadically take turns to say "watch this, this is so awesome!" and involve each other a little in what we were doing. Good times.

- Fragamoo


In response to "A Multi-Player Family" from The Escapist Forum: The take-away message of this article ISN'T specifically about families and parents, although the makeup frames the point: a "gamer" is someone who plays games. It's not someone who logs insane hours in Wow or who likes to start flame wars about console choice. People frequently badmouth "casual" games, or "soft" games for kids, but really, if you're playing a game, playing it frequently, are good at it (or are getting better), and ENJOY playing it, aren't you a gamer? At any age?

- Scopique

Nice article. On these forums and on loads of others across the net we've gone around and around on what quantifies you as a gamer, and how willing we are to let people share that tag, but I think you're right - however you play games, and whatever those games may be, you're a gamer. And lets face it, if the people who purchased our very first consoles for us now want a quick round on Rock Band 2 or on pretty much anything on the DS, who are we to say no? :)

- Dean Reilly


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