Alt+Escape: Amateur Surgeon

John Funk | 22 May 2009 13:09
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Amateur Surgeon

Unlike last week's Today I Die, there is nothing even remotely artsy or profound about Amateur Surgeon. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though.

If you've never played the DS/Wii surgeon game Trauma Center: Under the Knife, well... for one, you're missing out on a pretty cool (albeit ridiculous) game. For another, you probably saved yourself lots and lots of frustration - because it could be hard. Hard, yes, but still kind of fun in a punishing sort of way.

Amateur Surgeon makes no pretense at being anything other than a complete Trauma Center clone. Pizza delivery boy Alan Probe wants to be a surgeon, and is so absorbed in his medical magazine while making his delivery rounds that he hits wandering surgeon-cum-hobo Dr. Ignatious Bleed. Dr. Bleed needs surgery to survive ... if only there was someone around with the tools to help him!

The entire game is pretty much Trauma Center, just with a morbid and slightly gross sense of humor about the whole thing. Cut people open with your pizza slicer, staple their wounds together, cauterize them with your lighter ... it just goes on and on. I'm a few levels in at this point - no word on if Alan will have to tackle a manmade cyber alien virus (whoops, spoilers), but I wouldn't be surprised.

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