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Binging Indie
Caution - These Local Competitive Titles May Result in Unexpected Bruising

Joshua Vanderwall | 19 Sep 2015 12:00
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Developed by FennecFox Entertainment. Published by FennecFox Entertainment. Released August 21, 2015. Available on Xbox One. Code provided by publisher.

I always enjoy seeing smaller devs getting their games onto consoles, though I've seen a peculiar trend of middling indie games dominating console publishing, so when I see something that stands out, I take notice. Clash is definitely one of those games. It's designed for local multiplayer, with up to four players battling it out in a single-screen arena. It plays like a platformer with two moves; a dash attack and a short-lasting shield.

I wasn't sold on Clash after one match, since I hadn't yet discovered the more advanced tactics, like using the screen wrap to jump through a hole in the floor, dropping down from the top to get the drop on an oblivious opponent. You'll quickly learn the cooldowns for both dash and shield instinctively, which is imperative to success.

Your dash attack doesn't travel far, but connecting with an enemy will one-shot them, and puts them on a short respawn timer. When you see an enemy setting up a dash attack, you'll want to time your shield to deflect the attack. It's not just a block, however, as dashing into a shield will knock you back, pretty much across the entire screen. Similarly, if your shield is on cooldown, you can time your own dash to counter the opponent, sending both players flying.

Unlike most of the other games included here, Clash doesn't lend itself to extended play sessions. You'll likely find yourself playing several matches until a clear winner is determined among your group, since it does inspire competition quite well. While you might not sit down for hours at a time, I still find myself eager to come back and play a few more rounds whenever there are people around. When you get tired of dying in whatever roguelike you're playing, a few rounds of Clash is the perfect 20-minute distraction.


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