Dick Figures Q&A - A Kickstarter Success Story?

Schuyler J. Dievendorf | 19 Sep 2013 15:40
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Dick Figures

Have you based any of the Dick Figures characters on people that you know?

Absolutely. Red and Blue are our alter-egos, except times a billion. When we write episodes we're often just joking back and forth together and what comes out is our opinions, what games/movies/books we've been consuming and what we think is funny. Pink, Stacy, Broseph and several other characters in the show are based on all the hilarious things our friends do and say (thankfully they're still friends with us after we put them in the show).

What made you decide on the animation style that you settled on?

Initially ... laziness. The original pilot of the show had a much more polished look, but after scrapping it at the last minute and running short on time, the now-familiar scrappy art-style became the only thing we had time to do and it stuck! But animating like this allowed us to create episodes and the movie in record-breaking time and budget but it is also something the fans can draw too! And we've come to realize, by accident, that sometimes crappier is funnier.

Which animators/filmmakers would you consider to be an influence?

Though we're animation directors, most of our influences come from live-action filmmakers. Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Christopher Nolan specifically as we're heavily influenced by action and adventure films. Most of our animation and comedy influences are actually from TV series such as The Simpsons, Regular Show and Futurama. We're also blown away and inspired heavily by the work our friends and co-online-animation-makers like Cyanide & Happiness and many many others are doing.

What other web series do you enjoy while not focusing on your own series?

There are so many talented animators on YouTube right now: Cyanide & Happiness, Alex and Linsday Small-Butera (who even worked on the film!), Ninja Sex Party, Tomska, Egoraptor, and so many amazing shows at Mondo Media. We hope this new model of distribution takes off so that others have the opportunity to share their creative visions with the world as well!

You've been doing the Dick Figures animated series for three years now. How long do you think that the series can last?

In a series that's about nothing you can do something forever. Dick Figures really is a blank canvas when it comes to what we can do, definitely a challenge in its own right, but that also allows us to take risks and break the rules as often as possible. Red and Blue have plenty more funny things left to say.

Dick Figures: The Movie is available for a 72-hour rental for $4.99 right here on The Escapist (Check out the video) and may also be purchased from Amazon or iTunes.

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