In response to "Jerk on the Internet" from The Escapist Forum: that was possibly one of the best things i've read in a long time. i haven't played CS in years because of the same people you enjoy TKing. i applaude your actions, "jerk on the internet".

- danimal1384


In response to "Burning in the Halo Pre-Order Hell" from The Escapist Forum: So, stop.
Stop preordering. You've indicated that you live in a large enough area to not worry about a game ever selling out, much less for more than a week. There is, then, literally no downside to feeding these pre-order trolls.

If you check that $1 box, you're helping candidates run for office without private interests corrupting things. If you give that extra money to the pizza guy, a real person has directly benefited from your generosity. On the other hand, GameStop puts that money in a corporate bank account, and garners interest.

I totally empathize with your complaint, but I have to say I'm really disturbed by your closing paragraphs, where you basically shrug off your self-disgust with a "meh" instead of resolving to actually change your ways. If you give in to the economics of the stupid, even once...well, you're stupid!

- Khakionion

If you have an internet connection then you never have to worry about a game being sold out. I buy almost all my games online now they are just cheaper online then at retail stores.

I do pre-order games but only when pre-ordering let's me buy the game for less. For example I pre-ordered BioShock and paid a total of $45 dollars for it, I got the same deal on Mass Effect.

After I pre-ordered Halo 2 and got it a midnight release I said to myself I would never pre-order at retail again and try to get the game as soon as the store opens when I could easily get my sleep wake up the next day and get the game without being in the store for more than 10 minutes.

Now I have a Halo 3 pre-order one that I was more given than wanted and I probably won't concern myself with it until after 2pm on 25th and this will mark my last planned brick and mortar retail pre-order for a very long time.

- Lex Darko

i probably would have pre-ordered if i had a 360. it's fun to be excited about something. i like to think i don't go overboard though.

- jt2002tj

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