In response to "Hard to be Humble" from The Escapist Forum: The way halo got big follows the exact same rules as how many businesses get big.

Its not who does it best that wins, its who does it adequately well and brings it to the masses.

- Goofonian

Back when I was into "multimedia" development, I had to purchase a Mac. I was really into my PC games and felt cheated by having spent a small fortune on a work machine that I couldn't really enjoy my favorite hobby with. Oh, how wrong I was.

If one were at all familiar with their previous works in the Mac gaming community, Halo's success is a no-brainer. The real mystery is how Microsoft managed not to ruin Bungie.

- Echolocating


In response to "Deconstructing Collection" from The Escapist Forum: I almost slipped into the endless gyre of game collecting. Last year I picked up just about any hard to find PS2 RPG and SRPG that I could get my hands on - just in case. The year before I bought a REPLACEMENT copy of Valkyrie Profile and because it didn't work all that well, I returned it for Ikaruga.

But what started it all was a friend of mine who burned his first print of Disgaea out a sort of misplaced "rock and roll is the devil" mentality. He gave me all of 16 his PS1 games ... mostly Squaresoft and Enix, and vanished off the face of the earth. Then when times were tough, instead of selling any of my 25 Gamecube games I had purchased and played to completion over the years, I sold games that were far more valuable to make ends meet.

I wasn't attached to games that I bought out of a sense of rarity. I would never get rid of games that meant something to me. I have a Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete that I won in a bet. It's one of my favorite games, and playing that and Chrono Trigger with my children some day will out last the impulse completionism that led me to buy the Shadow Hearts games.

- Human Bomb

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