In response to "Dawn of Games" from The Escapist Forum: When we talk about these games, aren't we essentially talking about school? I imagine kids spent some time learning by doing, but for those activities that you couldn't experience on demand (such as being chased by a predator, or participating in a tribe war) a game was the next best thing.

- writerguy


In response to "Night Bandits of Graffiti" from The Escapist Forum: It sucks that Graffiti/Street Art, often gets thrown in with tasteless tagging and vandalism. Take a look at Banksy's work and thoughts on street art some of it's crap, but most of it is clever, and he makes some good points on the state of art, vandalism and the laws and regulations that decide the difference.

- Gummy


In response to "Quality as a Four-Letter Word" from The Escapist Forum: You raise some good points, but I mostly just say you're paranoid.

The big difference between a retail shop that takes in old consoles that have long outlived the warranty that says they still work and the mystical repair shop that we all send these broken toys to is that the repair shop is made solely to fix any and everything that comes through their door. It's not a retail outlet, so they don't have to worry about the bottom line and maybe fluffing a little bit every other week so they can keep their job.

I doubt very much that Microsoft spent a billion dollars to set up a three year warranty on every 360 sold just so you can send it in to people who give it as through a testing as a retail outlet does when it's got a break between customers.

Though I'm not too sure about EA, but I'm willing to bet that that's mostly just inexperience in the way of the guitar controller and not something as sinister as making a profit off of deliberately defective hardware.

[b]- SatansBestBuddy

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