In response to "Play Like a Three Year Old" from The Escapist Forum: wow, you know, I don't think I've thought like a three year old in a long long time. I even remember being really frustrated by how much time it took between the end of a level and mario walking into the pipe. Seriously. How bizarre is that? It just goes to show that games targeted towards children need to be filled with something to do.

Our generation became so jaded by impatience, ADHD, and broken game design, that we've forgotten what its really like to be a kid.

"Pursuit of happiness" is right.

- Darkpen


In response to "Little Girl Games" from The Escapist Forum: The little girl in our house got a Leapster for Christmas from her uncle. We knew she was going to like it, but earlier this week we caught her trying to skip breakfast because she was too busy grinding mobs!

Well OK, not literally grinding mobs, but it amounted to the same thing as she tried to get all the jewels she needed for her next crown in her Disney princesses game.

Having watched the game a fair bit my initial suspicions are confirmed: as well as being designed with the same attention to detail and care as a "grown ups" game, this title has borrowed many classic faults from mainstream gaming.

So sure, Ramiro Corbetta sounds like has a good attitude to his work, but that's only half the battle... The question is can these kinds of games attract great designers to work on them?

- Dom Camus

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