In response to "It's All Real to Me" from The Escapist Forum: good article indeed.

-Valve is a brilliant studio, but Half-Life 2 lost its verisimilitude when Gordon Freeman sat through a ten minute tutorial on how to use a gravity gun and never asked the simple question of "hey, you know, where am I and WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?"-

HAHAHA, right about that, the only thing i hate of half life is that Gordon Freeman is mute and all that, in the first game was someway understandable bt in these days ridiculous

- broadband


In response to "Women Monsters and Monstrous Women" from The Escapist Forum: Games can't let you "play like a woman," because there is no such thing as a male or female gaming style. Of course this all goes back to how you feel about gender roles and stereotyping, but I like to think that a woman and a man are both very capable of receiving the same amount and type of joy from COD4 and Halo and RE, etc. The issue seems to lie in people confusing what it means to be a strong male or female. Can they be the same thing? Why not? You can't argue that sheer physical stature makes up the ability to be a strong person. It's really just a socialization issue, in my opinion. Think about it. It hurts my head to read articles like the one above, they are in my mind a part of the problem. It will only be resolved when people realize that there is no (and we should not expect there to be) difference in humans because of gender. The differences appear to exist because we are taught to place them there. People are all unique.

I firmly believe that someday there will be just as many female gamers as male gamers. And just as many strong female characters as male. I can't wait.

- Cadge

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