In response to "You're not Allowed to do That" from The Escapist Forum: Ah, I remember the first time I saw my friend pull off the rainbow road short-cut. He did it first lap. He started laughing hysterically, the rest of us just stared, jaws down and speechless.

He went on to lose that race. It was the first lap on rainbow road - plenty of time to catch up.

Reading this article, I was slightly reminded of an article in a previous issue of The Escapist detailing how a person felt he had to play games in secret, away from the prying eyes of everyone else. I can't remember the title of that article right now, but I can't help but read this article and think how wrong that writer was...

- Necrohydra

You're probably thinking of "A Day in the Life of a Social Loner" by Tomohiko Endo, from The Escapist Issue 131. - Ed.

I couldn't agree more with this article. Pro Evo was a really good way to break the ice in the first few weeks of universtiy, where everyone in the flat was a complete stranger. We used to stay up for hours, occasionally realising that it was time to go to lectures rather than go to sleep. The 3 random picks rule is also used, but occasionally changes depending on the mood. I'm in my third year now and pro evo is played less than first year, mainly due to people actually having to work, but other games like Mashed and Wipeout Fusion have been introduced. So essentially, I'm going to fail my degree.

- Red Shadow

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