To the Editor: I found 'Overtime' (Issue 144) to be a very interesting read because I am a passionate gamer and have the physical ability of a drunken turtle. I'm in High School, you see, and in the teen world my particular character traits are not exactly 'appreciated' by the popular community. Add that to the fact that I'm a thirteen year old who uses inverted commas and words like 'character traits' and you have a basic translation of 'hopeless nerd.' Considering that most of my peers have barely any brain function, I am quite proud of my hopeless nerd status.

The idea of any connection between sport-lovers and game-lovers is quite amazing to me. Every self respecting child plays video games, of course, but the real difference between a nerd and a non-nerd is whether or not they play games excessively. To own a PS3 is 'cool,' but to use it all the time is 'nerdy.' That being said, every child plays sport, but the real difference between a nerd and a non-nerd in this situation is whether or not they enjoy it. I only involve myself in sporting activities when I am forced to.

It is as Bryan Brown said: 'When we're young, we tend to gravitate toward people with similar interests.' The reason sportsmen and gamers are so far apart is because neither group possesses the skills necessary to understand the other. The sportsman just needs a wide open space to move around in for amusement, while the gamer needs either a computer or some form of console. The sportsman can't understand why gamers find simple motor skills so difficult, and the gamer can't understand why kicking a ball around is in any way amusing. The sportsman can't understand why the gamer is afraid of getting hurt in sport, and the gamer can't understand why the sportsman can be so reckless.

The irony of it all is that both groups share a love of the same thing: games. Sportsmen like exercise games and gamers like video games. This is why exercise video games sell so quickly: both groups play them. Even I played Wii Sports, though my fitness age was registered as 67 while my father was said to be two decades younger than me!

I think that sportsmen and gamers are meant to be separate. It's like gender; a man and a woman are very similar but there are many key differences between them, and both claim not to understand the other.

- Matthew

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