In response to "Capes, Cops and Cowboys": With all due respect to Colin Geddes, I believe he missed the point. It's true that these particular genres of movies always have followings, the real area of interest are their sudden, and often unexpected resurgences.

Despite what he said, horror movies are not always popular. What's the last 'big' horror movie you can remember that wasn't a sequel? Saw? The Hills Have Eyes? How many years ago was that?

The true reason we always have horror movies is because they're relatively cheap to make. All you need is a little fake blood, two attractive actors and a lot of guns filled with blanks, and you've got a movie. The same goes for comedies, chick flicks, and family films. For those, all you really need are actors and locations. Even if it bombs, who cares? With DVD sales, you'll almost certainly make back your investment. On the other hand, high budget action movies, filled with special effects, CGI and massive explosions have all but disappeared from the market.

'Fad' movies come and go because of a simple pattern: success, over-investment, and failure. When Hollywood hits it big with a particular genre of movie, investors race in to follow in the heels of the original movie's success, and then they either invest heavily in an inferior movie, or audiences simply burn out from exposure to the genre.

Iron Man hit it big because it was genuinely entertaining, well written, included talented actors, and appealed to nearly everyone. The fact it was a super-hero movie is more or less irrelevant.

- Robert Freeman


In response to "One Must Live Through It" from The Escapist Forum: Enjoyable read Russ, I enjoy my post apocalyptic fiction too.

And I have printed out plans of how to construct a variety of nuclear fallout shelters, and working in the nuclear industry I'm well versed in the effect's and methods of dealing with radiation and contamination . If I have enough time, if the escalation to war isn't too fast, I'll be stomping about the wastelands handing out my own ideas of justice at the end of my 12 bore. I blame watching Mad Max, reading the Omega man and too much Fallout, damn media warping my mind when i was younger.

- TheThanatos

Interesting piece...thank God for that opium in the vaults.

I wonder how Christians who believe in 'The Rapture' fit in with all this? That always seemed like an escapist philosophy to me. It's easier to believe all my problems will go away, bad people will be punished, and I'll get beamed up to heaven. It's funner to think that in just a few months, all this will be over and I'm going to make it.

People who worship the end, rather than the beginning, disturb the hell out of me.

- L.B. Jeffries

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