In response to "Captain Peevish" from The Escapist Forum: Righteous Indignation Man sounded way beter then Captain Peevish. But the article was hysterical so kudos to you mr vigilanty dog-poo fighter.

I often dream of being a superhero myself, well not a real superhero but a person who devotes most of their life to a good cause. Serving other is something that brings me great joy. Unfortunately my talents are limited to storytelling, theology and selflessness so I might just take upon myself the title of "nice guy".

Totaly and utterly commiting yourself to a cause isn't always the best way to serve it. It might be in the short term but in the long run you also need to take care of yourself. Somehow the idea of living my life for others is extremely apealing and hopefully I will get down do doing just that one day.

- sammyfreak


It reminds me of a fantastic radio sketch (which was in dutch I'm afraid), where someone wants to discover whether he's a superhero or not. His research showed that superpowers manifest only in moments of intense stress. So he jumps from a building and while he's falling he is pleased to find out that he does too have superpowers. Apparently he can see through buildings.

- Capo Taco


In response to "Why No Punisher?" from The Escapist Forum: Maybe some of the writers just take the Punisher too far. I like the concept of the Punisher: an exsoldier who fights a one-man war on criminals like a soldier would on his enemy. I just think that the whole thing gets bogged down in anti-war and anti-hero goblety gook. Heroes aren't supposed to be extremely complicated. The whole point of reading comic books is to escape reality. You cant have much of a fantasy to escape into if you cram too much politics and grey areas into it. Doing so turns a fantasy into a satire or fable. If that's what you want, fine but in doing so, the story ceases to be a comic book and becomes something else.

It's like insisting that a character from a funny sit-com TV show be made serious and dramatic. It doesn't really work.

- dukethepcdr

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