In response to "Ten Things That Don't Suck About the Game Industry" from The Escapist Forum: I'm 20. I'm just entering my third year of computer science. I have intended for 15 years now, in that naive, childish way, to "make video games". That goal's evolved somewhat: I want to enter the industry as a developer, and through hard work, unique accomplishments, and pitches to the higher-ups, become a designer/director. Hard ladder to climb, but I don't care, because reading articles like this make me smile and when I feel good about the games industry I feel good about me and where I'm gonna be ten years from now.

You hear that world? Here's an eleventh thing that doesn't suck: We, the Developers, who live and love gaming! Screw the crunch, screw the burn-out. We rise above it to make the best damn entertainment on the planet.

- BobisOnlyBob


In response to "The Crystal Ball" from The Escapist Forum: I hope that digital distribution doesn't overtake physical copy sales.

Like a lot of people, I like having something that I can hold, something I feel like I own; a game box, a CD case. Something I can show and lend to my friends; something with artwork and a manual (even if manuals these days are about as interesting as a big business handbook).

With digital distribution also comes the problem of DRM. Microsoft, well, isn't doing such a good job with it. We need much better DRM policies if digital distribution is going to take off anytime soon.

- zoozilla

I mostly agree with you, however :

"Games will be respected soon because gamers will grow up and become politicians."

Ahaa no. There is a difference between being a gamer and playing games. while it is LIKELY (55%) that a politician who plays/played games will exist, they will not be a gamer.

"And as for developers, they'll likely continue to coalesce into more formidable entities with more business savvy than ever."

This is being optimistic. It also requires developers to grow some balls, and say no to selling out completely. It will be slow, and in the ideal state, the publisher will merely take the finished game, and distrubute it and provide advertising.

Another way it could go is that the indie scene will dwindle due to people being not brave enough to join it, and publishers will take away more from the developers at every cycle.

I for one would like it to be the first catagory, but I'm not sure on what will happen.

- Jackpot

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