In response to "Tijuana Time" from The Escapist Forum: Great read, just learned a ton and that's aces in my book.

Maybe this comes from growing up in America...but sometimes I feel like our culture makes writing or portraying sex so difficult because it subconsciously disconnects it from love. Hell, maybe it goes all the way back to the concept of the Virgin Mary, but never doing the nasty was part of what made her so great in people's minds.

Most films that have great personal relationships and dynamic sexuality between two people censor out the actual act. Gross Point Blanke, To Have and Have Not, or even The Dark Knight. And films that do depict it? Basic Instinct was a film noir where anyone who has sex with the gorgeous woman gets killed by her. Teen Slasher films reward the participants of graphic scenes with similar punitive measures. There is no love in the champagne room, in other words.

With the exception of John Cameron's Shortbus, which delves into both homosexual and heterosexual relationships, I can't tink of many movies that have successfully combined the two. How can video games handle crossing the boundary into combining sex and love when so many other mediums still fail at it? Hopefully the author is right and the underground scene will have its day eventually.

- L.B. Jeffries

A kind of new version of those "Tijuana bibles" was a big hit at my school in 1994, so they didn't completely die. They were mostly created by 15 or 16 year people, usually a brother of a friend's friend and found their way to us. It's weird, that me and my friends at the time never got in touch with real porn, but instead a lot of that comic stuff. But I think there's a certain appeal in those things for 13 year old guys who read a lot of comic books anyway. The japanese hentai stuff proves it (though the japanese are a little bit weird when it comes to sex anyway).

They of course faded when I first got in touch with real porn and completely died when I got an internet connection, but those filthy little books with famous comic charcters written and drawn by students at the peak of puberty still exist. And it's good to know they're there. Kind of...

I really liked the note about Leisure Suit Larry about how noone actually purchased the game, but rather got it in school from some friends who got it from another friend, etc... and I checked with mine and it's really true. Everyone got the game through the same channels.

- Juan Regular

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