In response to "The New Social Lubricant?" from The Escapist Forum: Bars + games = Brilliant!

We've only in the last few years in the DC area banned smoking in bars, so I've begun to go to bars since, but being an alcohol-hating recluse, they just aren't any fun. If someone around here combined the quite common board game nights, group gaming, and the general popularity of bars/liquor, I would have a new favorite place.

In case you're thinking of it, Dave & Busters is the freak side-show version of what this environment should be.

- FSK405K

I live in Hungary and I'd really like to have a bar like that around here. Not really for the "picking up girls" part, rather for the "have fun with friends" part. Sadly, the demographic of bar-goers and the demographic of board/video game players don't overlap much around here. It's either this or that. Here, it's rather hard to have civilized discussions with people in a place with alcohol around, much less play games of any kind.

We still have a long way ahead of us before we'll have places like The Whistle Stop in this country. :/

- Playbahnosh


In response to "Big Brothers, Little Gamers" from The Escapist Forum: Good read. I remember when I was a dorm head for a bunch of high school age guys the first night was awful. We had these terrible name games and "say something unique about yourself" nonsense that everyone hated.

I finally got people to start chatting by just bringing up video games. I asked them to talk about which one's they liked, which ones they were excited about, and before I knew it they were all talking and debating with each other.

- L.B. Jeffries


In response to "Me, Myself and Multiplayer" from The Escapist Forum: Good article!

The lack of even a miniscule amount of team spirit is why I gave up even buying combat games for their multiplayer aspects, and it's why I no longer bother with multiplayer at all. Now I concentrate on the single-player experience because I know my teammates (who are AI) aren't going to wander off to do their own thing, thus leaving the team to fail, and aren't going to charge insanely at the enemy in the hopes of getting a couple of cheap kills before they get shot down.

Online multiplayer has no effective motivators for players to play for the team, and that's the case for even the most team-oriented game. I don't see that changing for at least ten years because, apart from a few enlightened individuals, neither players nor developers understand that it's a problem. That's pretty sad, because when games DO motivate team play it makes the game infinitely better for everyone.

- Beery

thats exactly the reason why Xbox live offers the possibility to chat and invite guys from your fl. When you just jump into a game and have to deal with trashtalkers, minors or perk whores you should ask yourself what the heck that friends list is for ;)

As long as you have the possibility to choose and invite there is no need to wear a 'victim tag'

- HuCast

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