In response to "Fast-Track to Fanaticism" from The Escapist Forum: Sonic (1991-2008)

Sonic was born in 1991 at a video game development company called SEGA.

He enjoyed instant success with Sonic 1 and Sonic 2, gained recognition and became the world's favourite Hedgehog.

Unfortunately Sonic's parents SEGA sought to monopolize on this commercial success and soon abused Sonic by making him star in one after the other in increasingly worse games to wring as much money out of their child's fortune as possible.

In 2008 faced with the prospect of starring in the next game alongside a preteen love interest and dress up as a Werewolf, he suffered the curse of many child actors and turned to a life of hard drugs and alcohol which would be his end.

R.I.P. Sonic, we will remember the good times, when a little blue hedgehog had a dream of running up and down hills and spin jumping onto his enemies heads.

- ThePlasmatizer

Rule #1 of The Escapist: "The fanboys of something I don't like are much more rabid, obsessive and loudmouthed than the fanboys of anything I do like."

But all kidding aside, I don't think that "fan pressure" is the reason for the problems with recent Sonic games. From what I hear, it's exactly the opposite: Yuji Naka is an obsessive control freak who won't listen to anyone else's input for fear it will wreck his creative vision.

- Sylocat


In response to "The Short Shelf Life of EGP Apparel" from The Escapist Forum: *shrug* Why would I want a t-shirt? What function does it serve? T shirts are cheap quality goods, even with the best of art on them, I purchase clothing with decent thread counts of a quality material if at all possible - polyester cotton fibers really don't hold up well, if the faded t shirts that hang like rags in my closet are anything to go by.

If I wanted to try out a game, I would look online at their website and through services like Steam and Impulse.

- CanadianWolverine


In response to "Open-World Gaming" from The Escapist Forum: I think this is a great idea. Imagine this, cell phones act as tagging mechanisms and you sign up with your cell phones online. Still with me? Good. Next after you've signed up, you head outside and use your GPS on your phone to find others who have also signed up and now there are teams. You can make it cops and robbers or survivors vs. infected. If you come within a certain area of another cell phone that has this application activated, you either turn into an infected or get "arrested" by a cop.

Sounds like a lot of fun to me! I remember a college campus did this, certain people who were zombies wore red shirts and people who weren't wore blue shirts and the infection spread =P

- Mr.Pandah

Imagine if a pokemon game had no gameworld. It instead either generated one based on your geographic area or was pre-loaded with satellite map info and such. To catch pokemon you'd have to wander around various parks and places which would generate the random encounters for the game. You would also duel fellow players wirelessly, but would have to be within a certain distance of one another. Retailers or your house would be the 'pokemon centers' to restore your pokemon's health.

- sketchesofpayne


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