In response to "Goodbye, Cruel World" from The Escapist Forum: This article reminded me of my wife's uncle, for whom the old AD&D Gold Box games were a frontline defense against his alcoholism. It also got me thinking about why my brother-in-law has been glued to his laptop since he wrecked his ankle playing softball.

- nimrandir

This article explains why I find Child's Play to be such a great idea. Hospital stays can be miserable for kids, especially when in pain, and distractants like the games Child's Play provides go a long way to helping kids cope with a very alien experience.

To those fearing this will lead to an addiction, it's far better to get hooked on games than on painkillers.

- Anton P. Nym


In response to "Steady Hands Save Lives" from The Escapist Forum: They do improve hand-to-eye coordination. Thanks to FPS games I'm a better marksman than my father with military and police experience. And I'm only a bit worse than my cousin forester (in Poland they are required to be expert marksman using a scoped or sniper rifle).

For non-English speaking people, games are the first step to learning a new language. I started learning English by playing computer games (Arcade America, Diablo 2), watching English cartoons and listening to what people say in English.

When I got to 1st grade I was waaaay ahead of anyone in my class. In fact, when it comes to English, I'm one of the best students in my class. And from then it was easy to learn the basics of German and now Spanish.

- Abedeus


In response to "What Would Yoshi Do?" from The Escapist Forum: Um... this article didn't seem to have too much of a point. I mean, for me, it turned into more of a "Oh, what will the wacky writer try next?" extravaganza than an intelligently written article. I mean, I understand that it was trying to decipher role models in a video game world, but couldn't that have been better accomplished by drawing a comparison between the archetype role model and a particular video game character, and then analyzing similarities and differences.

But I'm rambling. It did get me to think about which character I'd choose as a role-model. But other than that... it gets a resounding "meh." from me.

- Flying-Emu

Nice article, I'm sort of finding myself agreeing with Emu on this one though. However, that aside, I think it could have been more useful to act as a character more easily... human. "What would Yoshi do?" makes for an eye-catching article name but I'd rather if Yoshi wasn't actually in the article.

However, I find it odd, as someone half touched on above, that some of these characters are, in essence, sociopathic killers. In fact, most heroes tend to be. I'm just wondering if it's actually okay to treat any kind of murderer in such a light. Maybe I'm missing the point though, maybe it's precisely the fact we could never do it that makes us worship them? I don't know.

- fullmetalangel


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