In response to "Love Triangle" from The Escapist Forum: Psssh. What? Do you all honestly believe the story of "Beauty and the Beast" became popular because a bunch of GUYS liked it?? This has been going on for centuries. It's a desire to find something wild and tame it. A pretty common fantasy, really.

I found the article's grounding in scholarly research to really help strengthen this point though, which is good. I love how Escapist articles in general give thoughtful consideration to the subjects they take on.

- Grand_Marquis

Kudos to the Escapist for writing and, more importantly, researching such a thought-provoking, controversial article. Also, kudos to the majority of commenters for their reasonable, thought-out commentary.

Yes, rape fantasies (keyword being 'fantasies' - no woman I know wants to be raped) are pretty common among women, as is the fantasy of being ravished by anonymous partners. In that context, the attraction to Pyramid Head in spite of, or because of his 'thrilling headgear' makes more sense.

There's a lot of truth to women wanting to 'tame the bad boy', but I wonder if women just want the bad boy as-is. In general, women are held to a stricter moral code than men are. Men, by and large, are encouraged to lose their virginity as soon as possible and to have as many partners as possible. Women, however, are denigrated as sluts if they do the same. I feel that in a society that insists women put their sexual desires on lockdown and subjects women to such moral scrutiny, women will use sexuality to rebel, in the most controversial way possible. So by society's definition, women (or should I say nice women?) aren't supposed to be overtly sexual or enjoy violence; which is why Pyramid Head makes for great fantasy fodder for these few women.

Please bear in mind, I'm no scholar - this is just my armchair theorizing.

Also, in a world where tentacle rape enjoys an audience, is a woman's attraction to Pyramid Head so horrible?

- Jetbaby


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