In response to "Dominion Over All" from The Escapist Forum: Well, I love Call of Cthulhu the Living Card Game, but I've discovered a rule about CCG games that is fundamental: If it isn't Magic: The Gathering, no one I know will give it a fair chance.

Kind of like when I tried to introduce Call of Cthulhu the RPG to my D&D group... ever had your Magic User fed to a Gelatinous Cube by an enraged party?

Besides, my quota of CCGs-That-Aren't-Magic-The-Gathering is full for the year... I need to save money for plastic monsters!

- vortexgods

I used to enjoy playing these types of Collectible Card Games, but I stopped after I got bored of Yu-Gi-Oh. Finding people to play with is sometimes rather difficult. They are expensive hobbies to maintain, especially the ones like Warhammer where you have to buy those miniatures.

Also, every time a new expansion comes out, if you don't buy it, then you're stuck with an old deck that can be easily beaten by whatever new trump card came in the expansion.

I'm not saying that they aren't fun; they are fun, but it just doesn't seem like a practical long-term hobby.

- Mookie_Magnus


In response to "Casualty of Warhammer" from The Escapist Forum: Honestly, my interactions with WAR CSMs were pretty worthless. Most tickets were about losing gold bags from a PQ or keep because of crashes or some other glitch. CSMs kept telling me it was part of the game to get to the treasure chest on time, even if I died at the end of a keep fight and released more than 2 minutes away. So I made a stink on the IGN board one time that if we don't pick up a bag they should just mail it to us. I'm pleased to see that when I resubbed, when I missed a bag one time they did mail it.

Kind of a sad read, but just as well for the author to move on. My experiences as a WAR player parallel his as a GM--increasing gloom and pessimism month after month. But WAR was never a bright shining star of a game crushed by the impossible competition of Lich King (and goldfarmers or whatever). It was buggy, laggy, crashy, with graphical glitches and strange leaden animations, a bizarre combat system, monotonous RvR, okay but unstrategic scenarios where everybody just gathers and fights in the middle, and broken contibution points for some classes in the public quests. And its DaoC engine was just not powerful enough to handle the expections of a post-WoW MMO. Seeing the emptiness of Tier 4 content I quit last January.

I resubbed last month. Land of the Dead was meh. It was a huge error to produce that instead of fixing the game. Okay some things were fixed--I almost never crashed. But lag and slide show stuttering was still common despite having a better computer now that could easily handle the graphics. And though there were improvements in RvR (mainly better gear as a reward), it was still too monotonous and empty, and the whole combat system remains frought with crowd control that left me silenced and immobile half the time, and lag such that I was barely able to cast an ability the other half.

After my first cancellation I was hoping things would get better and I'd be playing again. I canceled two days ago and won't be looking back. WAR is a sinking ship. WoW is a sinking ship too but it at least it had days of glory whereas WAR has only seen defeat.

- Fearzone

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