In response to "Virtual Thrills" from The Escapist Forum: I knew that article banner looked familiar... I have a bit of a habit for hunting down and translating non-ported Japanese games, and half the time they turn out to be "erotic" games like this. Illusion's fairly notorious for this kind of stuff (as someone already mentioned, they're the geniuses behind "Rapelay"), but it's usually for certain fetishes or kinks in their target audience (Japanese males).

I swear to Buddha, one of their games is about taking care of miniature women in little house diorama boxes (and yes, that includes doing the nasty).

I don't think AG3 was intended to be degrading towards women, they just put all of their focus on the "customize the girl(s) of your dreams" portion of the game and then threw together a half-baked "game" around that. If you look at the volume of their work they mostly focus on one aspect of appeal and then throw crap together around it; their "Sexy Beach" series was focused on ladies in exciting swimwear and little else. So I wouldn't say they're misogynistic pervs, I'd say they're fishermen... fishermen who spent all their time picking the right hook and bait, and then used a cheap pole.

- DaxStrife

Occasionally I run across a game where it's pretty clear that players aren't intended to play it so much as the game plays them.

Your typical MMORPG, example, might have dull-as-dishwater game mechanics but it strings players along by the nose because they're addicted to grinding for power or afraid to quit because of the people they know in the game. At that point, it is indeed the player who is being played.

From the sounds of Artificial Girl 3, it's similarly a rather crappy game which strings people along by emotional dependence. This time, the hook is embedded well between the legs. I don't think it so much teaches people how to have relationships, so much as tries to present itself as a surrogate relationship. Consequently, it's an even more pathetic example of being played by a game than a grind.

Don't date robots applies well.

That said, it is rather impressive (and perhaps a little disturbing) the amount of detail they put into Artificial Girl 3. I tracked down a trailer for it. They've not only a lot of detailed sexual acts, but apparently a lot of those "surrogate relationship" activities - walks on beach, sitting down to eat dinner, talking to the girls in a school room, ect. Illusion really doesn't cut any corners when it comes to providing quality self-delusion.

To be fair, it's not like I'm immune to self-delusion. It was curiosity about the giant cone boobs (taken from the Artificial Girl 3 box cover) which brought me to read the article.

- geldonyetich


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