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Letters to the Editor
Queer Eye for the Gamer Guy

The Escapist Staff | 6 Oct 2009 08:00
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In response to "Anyone Can Play Guitar" from The Escapist Forum: Interesting background for the music giants of the video game industry. I never thought that Rock Band was something the creators stumbled upon through luck, but I had no idea of just how much effort and research was put into the project. Good to see that Machover and his students are seeing the fruits (and large sums of cash) of their labor...

Ronald Meeus:
...they're looking at Microsoft's Project Natal motion camera technology for Rock Band 3 as a way to give players even more ways to convey musical intentions in a videogame. But Machover recalls that Egozy invented something way better himself nearly 15 years ago. By sheer coincidence, he stumbled upon a technology that could detect simple gestures from the amount of electricity that a human body absorbs.

So...are future installations going to deliver an electric shock?

I mean...maybe if they are configuring it such that the shocks are in minute/unnoticable packets...but still, you better hope the controllers your sending out have a 0% defect rate. If not, your gonna have a lawsuit on your hands...(unless every game ships with a waiver...)

- hansari

So the idea began with creating the tools by which an unskilled musician could compose and play professionally, and ended in a colored-button-pantomime?

I guess by those standards a hot-dog eating competition is the cure to world hunger.

- teknoarcanist


In response to "The Language of the Game" from The Escapist Forum: Meh. I doubt you wouldn't find the same thing in any subculture. Don't you think musician might compare their relationships to the ease or lack thereof of playing a song, or how different brands of instruments handle? Hell, just a few weeks ago there was an article saying pretty much the same thing about Star Trek, and I only came here to post this because I wrote 'to boldy go' on an entirely different site and reminded myself of it.

- The Random One

Well written! Can't say I've done anything like the fighting game analogue myself, but the opening paragraph rang pretty true for me. Sometimes I get a little enthusiastic when I meet another gamer and go off on a tirade, only to realize that other people are looking at us like we're insane. Good times.

Oh, come on. It's still English. Other languages have their subculture slang as well. If you ever put that you speak "Gamer" on a resume, you will get laughed at. This really isn't worth writing an article about.

Really? Something's not worth talking about if you can't put it on a resume?

- Clemenstation


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