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Letters to the Editor
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The Escapist Staff | 6 Oct 2009 08:00
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In response to "Why Your Game Idea Sucks" from The Escapist Forum:

So the guys who had the idea to make World of Goo also suck? I find it hard to believe that all of us are such idiots and can't come up with at least one good game idea...

The guys who had the idea for World of Goo would suck if they had just left that idea as just an idea. It is only after they spent several months of their lives creating art, programming, and levels that the idea was actually worth something. World of Goo is not an example of a game being created by an 2 every day Joes with an idea. Both creators brought a considerable amount of talent to the game on top of their ideas.

Between all of us there must be a million good game ideas, but they are all worthless until the time and effort is put in to make something playable.

- hamster mk 4

Where's the meat?
Congratulations, you've neatly re-defined the line between them and us whilst simultaneously leaving open the big questions of how is someone supposed to break into the industry without a wealth of titles under their belt or a money tree in their back yard.

This negative attitude prevalent in the industry is why the homebrew market is taking off big time, the same can be said for the music industry currently in the face of internet sharing and independent publishing. Both suffer from a lack of innvoation because of market driven economics i.e. wanting to make money as opposed to the desire to just make a game.

Considering that studios are putting serious effort into XBLA titles these days, I get the impression there's a few people on the inside wanting to see change to the status quo.

- xavhorse

I think I see your point, but the introduction didn't lead me there. At first I thought you were trying to say that amateurs don't have great ideas. What it seemed to come to was that, no idea is great enough to be worth something on its own. You can't sell anything until you've turned that idea into a fully-fledged game. If that's the argument, then certainly, I agree.

However, as has been pointed out by others, this doesn't preclude amateurs from making games. The indie scene is filled with many successful games, all made from a "great idea". Sure, they didn't end up selling it to a studio for money, nor did they find somebody to invest in their idea, but they were able to turn their idea into money, it just required them doing the work themselves.

And I think that's what the point of this article is, in which case, I agree. You can't expect somebody to buy your idea and turn it into a million bucks -- there are so many ideas already out there that they don't want yours. But, if you're willing to develop it yourself, you certainly could turn your great idea into something successful.

Hopefully this is what you were thinking too. The introduction made it sound like you were against amateurs of all types. Hopefully you weren't down-playing the indie scene.

- ReverseEngineered


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