To the editor: I just finished reading today's issue; it's the usual engrossing and thoughtful material.

I just found it interesting that your articles either introduce me to something that I've never had any contact with and make me want to know more about it, or they put a new spin on subjects I'm familiar with and usually follow. Not going wow yet?

Well, the point is, to me, it's the next step in the evolution of gaming. We've had PC Gamer and magazines that tell us what games to buy for a very long time...but now we have a magazine that analyzes games and informs us of issues we should, as intelligent members of the community, know. It's a step that I think may come into incredible fruition, though I can't ponder what that fruition may be.

-Sean Li

To the editor: I just wanted to drop you guys a quick word to let you know what a fantastic job I think your doing with the magazine. I've been consistently impressed with the content found inside your virtual pages and look forward to downloading a new PDF file every Tuesday.

Which brings me to another point I'd like to make: I absolutely love the formatting of your publication! I know that everyone's tastes differ, but it struck me as a shame to consistently see some complain about the formatting of your mag - there are surely many of us who enjoy it as it is. In a way, downloading the PDF for me actually makes it feel MORE than just a web page, you know?

Cheers, and here's to many, many more years of the Escapist!

-Benoit Casey

To the editor: Hi, I recently discovered your magazine and continue to be impressed and inspired by the ideas therein. That much you must hear all the time, though, so that's not why I'm writing.

I just had to beg, in response to some other recent letters sent your way, that you not change the layout. The world does /not/ need another Slashdot. Any site can have unique writing, but unless there's something special about the presentation, most people won't see any reason to stick around.

The pictures don't tell half the story, but they are the reason I gave The Escapist a second glance.


To the editor: This is just another rant on how good you guys are... (you probably get a lot of these, but here's mine anyway)

I play a lot of games, and have been for more than a decade now - which is somewhat of an unusual hobby here in India where gaming is just taking off. Most of the fellow 'gamers' I know have started off with Counterstrike, and have no clue about the brilliant classics like Planescape Torment, the Ultima series, Fallout 1 & 2, Castlevania, Street Fighter, Test Drive and, of course, wrecking crew, to name but a few :)

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