Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
In the Hands of the Enemy

The Escapist Staff | 7 Feb 2006 07:00
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To the Editor: Like most people, I'd like to start off by saying that I love The Escapist.

It's the best online mag I've ever had the pleasure of reading, and that's not just because it's the only one I've read. Well, actually it is ... but it's still the best! (So cliche). What I love most about the mag is what a lot of others seem to enjoy ... the perspective presented by your writers and their grasp on the gaming world as a whole. I would have to say that my favorite read thus far would be "A Fine Fantasy" by Patrick Dugan. I was able to completely relate as Final Fantasy's II & III (SNES) conjure up comforting holiday memories for me as well.

Reading "In Celebration of the Inner Rogue" by Mark Wallace brought back a memory of an experience I thought was worth sharing. I'm an RP'er at heart, though not a very good one at times. Actually, when I first started out I was downright awful. At one point a friend and I were discussing the issue, as we were both facing the same dilemma, and eventually came to the conclusion that our problem was one of immersion. We just weren't good at becoming someone else. The intent was there, but in the end we were just being ourselves and acting as guides to a character, rather than adopting their personalities as our own.

That's when we came up with the idea of using an avatar as a tool to overcome. The idea was to visit forums and chat rooms centered around topics we knew nothing about and play a role based on a chosen avatar. We would start out small and play out parts of the opposite gender, different ethnicities, etc. Then, once we had made some noticeable progress, we would add another character trait unrepresentative of our true selves to the next role we would play.

I have to say that the process paid off for both of us. Because of the diversity of topics, roles, and the people w/ whom we would interact, we were for the most part able to overcome our obstacle. To be honest, even if this project hadn't been a success, I would have at the very least come out knowing that I thoroughly enjoy hazing unknowns. *grin*


To the Editor: I've noticed that your articles have been getting increasingly shorter and less to the point, and some often have none, like that piece; "I like playing as a girl." The guy rambles on for about three pages about how girls are more sophisticated and they'll attract males. There is no point to this.

I think that a lot of your earlier articles have been more well-thought out. At about Issue 26, nearly one month ago, the articles began to get shorter. Before, articles might have spanned 10+ pages, such as Greg Costikyan's "Death to The Games Industry" and, more importantly, they presented concise and insightful points. Today, articles like "The Celebration of the Inner Rogue" spanned only about three pages, with very blurred points and non-important points.

The article, "The Celebration of the Inner Rogue", is outlined as follows (with a little objectivity, of course):

  • It begins, tells us about how the guy congratulates himself with every character victory
  • It ends, telling us about how the guy realizes the character is controlled by the guy and that he is the character and that the character is not him and how the guy adapts his character's behaviour slowly.
  • Concluded with the obvious statement that he was the same character on/off line.
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