In response to "We Are Heavy Metal" from The Escapist Forum: Stylistically speaking I've yet to see anything in a video game that comes close to Heavy Metal magazine. In fact I'd bet that most video game developers had never even seen a copy of Heavy Metal magazine. As well the stories in Heavy Metal could be quite complex, and complex storylines are not exactly something EA stockholders want to invest in.

It be nice to see a well thought out and designed video game in the style of Heavy Metal magazine but chances are it would be just superficial displays of boobs and exploding heads.

- MorkFromOrk

I don't think there is anything wrong with "dark fantasy, science fiction, nudity and ultra-violence", the problem is, whenever I see it it's always done in such a boring way.

It's not the content that makes a game childish or mature, but the way that they're presented.

- L-J-F


In response to "The Guitar Hero Effect" from The Escapist Forum: That is so funny, I was writing on a similar idea just the other day, on how games have influenced my musical tastes (specifically Tony Hawk and SSX Tricky - which I was bummed wasn't mentioned...) and of course it eventually led to my thoughts on Guitar Hero and 'The Guitar Hero effect'. But, you put it much more eloquently than I could. Great article!

- bakonslayer

What about that guy that was angry about it? Saying that the only way bands can get heard nowadays is if they have their songs in a videogame? It was some guy from a big band, but I'll be damned if I remember which one.

At any rate, most of my favourite songs are from videogame soundtracks, but that's because music isn't very important for me and it's just a secondary thing I enjoy when and stumble upon it.

I really need to play Guitar Band or whatever it is. Everyone keeps saying how it's an awesome experience. To me it looks like a faster Simon Says with a soundtrack.

Now if you'll excuse me.


- The Random One


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