In response to "The Tao of Leveling" from The Escapist Forum: A brilliant piece. What a concept!

And yet, when i think about it, i find myself realizing that i've thought of that as well - what level am i, in this great Mumorpeger that is life?

And its not as simple as a mathematical algorithm. Like Staebell said, its difficult to place down exactly how good at a skill you are. I know for a fact there are things that i can do almost to perfection, without thinking - but there are other skills that require a touch of thought before i peform properly.

And thats just physical skills. The mental and personal skills are harder to perform, and to master, especially the emotion aspect.

I suppose, if you wanna look at life like a video game, then Real Life is one of the hardest, most indepth game out there, with out of this world graphics and interaction.

- JohnTomorrow

The personal level concept is something in place to help relate real-world happenings to a familiar setting.

It's partially the same as how some people relate exercise to gaining exp. It doesn't actually exist but it's a passive thing that just helps you go along with it. When you're trying to consider if your life is going the way you want it to be, you can just sit back and think. Do you have the right party members? Do you know all the skills you should? What skills do you not know but really should learn? It just goes on from there. Placing levels into reality manages what you do by making it easier to relate to. If you want to be better off so you can get better equips, you should take the time to learn what you want to from the correct 'schools'.

A part of me feels like I'm saying this slightly skewed from what I'm trying to say. I'll stick with it.

- Toastngravy


In response to "When the Stars Align" from The Escapist Forum: Sounds like a roguelike on an universal scale. But roguelikes usually take an everything and the kitched sink approach that means taking on as much sources as possible. This was flying blind. I'd like to try this very much. (Coming soon to Please?)

I'm not sure most developers would do something with this scale if left alone. The larger the box gets, the harder it is to look outside of it, after all.

- The Random One

Starflight was - for its time - mind-blowingly good. Well presented, amazingly designed, and addictive beyond anything I've experienced since. It remains one of the benchmarks of my gaming experience... it's why I bought my first Apple.

And the game continues to inspire developers to this day. Indeed, I nearly laughed myself silly the first time I tried the 'exploration' portion of Mass Effect... I actually said aloud, "Been here, done this." Over 20 years later, I vividly remember the thrill of accidentally jumping into alien territory and having no clue how I'd survive my first encounter, let alone find my way home. And my first encounter with the Crystal Planet... terrifying.

Honestly, I have NO idea how they put that much game into a disk so small.

- Otterpoet

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