In response to "Cart, Horse" from The Escapist Forum: I think your approach to starting this business is well thought out and well researched. With this solid foundation, your success is guaranteed! I applaud your ability to balance both home and work. You all must have very robust lives. I imagine your expertise in storytelling helps to bring richness to all aspects of yours, your families and your partners lives.Can't wait to see and read more!

- Mumsuch

In response to "A Childhood in Hyrule" from The Escapist Forum: I disagree with the assertion that games are becoming more player-submissive. How many open-ended games are there now, compared with ten or twenty years ago? More importantly, in today's linear games, how much more can the player do than in the linear games of ten or twelve years ago?

What we're finding - and Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod together make an excellent example of this - is that, regardless of whether the player has to do the same things in the game world, there are always more things that the player can do.

Eventually, we'll reach a point where the developer creates and populates an environment, and comes up with a story he'd like to tell inside of it, and lets the player loose in the environment, and tries to steer him toward the story - which, what do you know, is just like what a tabletop RPG does. Technological limitations, not only in hardware but also in the fundamental (but diminishing) lack of creativity exhibited by non-Turing-test-passing software, are what makes the separation.

- Bongo Bill

In response to "The Slow Death of Game Over" from The Escapist Forum: I agree wholeheartedly that part of the tension and frustration of Dead Rising was the fact that saving wasn't the act of a moment, but a part of your planning and pathing. While I enjoyed hammering through the GTA3 series, and more recently The Godfather on the Wii, there's almost nothing to come back to. Dead Rising I also haven't come back to, but I intend to at some point try again, just to assuage my own curiosity as to whether, with a little more aggressive travel and fewer passes by the save points, I could have saved more people.

On a side note, the game-over screen is alive and well on handheld gaming devices. Then again, they rely much more on the "pick-up and play" style of gaming which is reminiscent of arcade machines like Operation Wolf or Silent Scope which let you choose your mission and hence difficulty, without having to play through the earlier easy stuff. A handheld game that you can't basically switch off with very short notice is nearly useless. (I dunno about the PSP, but the DS has the close-lid mode, which generally suspends the game, and is useful for some situations such as switching buses, but doesn't really help once you've arrived at your destination.)

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