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Letters to the Editor
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Lauren Admire | 8 Jun 2010 09:04
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To the Editor, regarding "Hardcore Maleness":
The guy is an ass. He just alienated himself from damn near everyone that read his piece of journalistic (yeah, right) crap about 'casual' vs. 'hardcore' gamers. Can you actually defend having this sort of garbage representing your site?

- BigDonTheDJ

In the course of the five years I've edited The Escapist Magazine, I've worked with over 300 writers of all shapes, sizes and sociological or political leanings. Our original decision to allow freelance writers to publish their work in The Escapist was to allow for a myriad of voices - other than our own - and expose our readers and ourselves to opinions and perspectives they wouldn't have the opportunity to read otherwise.

It was an unusual (and expensive) decision for a young magazine, but I believe it was the right decision for us, and the result is that we have been able to publish amazing and wonderful works of games journalism that would have otherwise gone unread. So, from that point of view, I can very easily defend our decision to hire freelance writers whose politics or philosophies we may not necessarily agree with. After all, that's simply a fact of life. How would one know what one believes without a dissenting voice against which to compare oneself?

Regarding Mr. Kaiser's excellent article, I've found that the best journalism elicits an emotional reaction of some sort, and judging from your response, Mr. Kaiser achieved that. Whether or not you agree with his premise, it's fair to say he presented it well, and in such a way as to provoke a response. Whether or not any of us necessarily agree with his viewpoint, as an editor, I couldn't ask for anything more.

- Russ Pitts

To the Editor:
After reading your response I have taken a moment to calm down and look at your point of view. I can see that my emotions made me jump the gun a bit (a lot) more harsh than I should have. He definitely has the right to his own opinion. I also realize that it is a good thing that he was able to get his view published. He obviously was looking for the emotional response. He definitely got it from me. Obviously, I need to check my head before spewing hatred at anyone when what I perceive as such an extreme conflict arises and accept it as a persons right to their opinion.

Thank you for writing me back. It has opened my eyes quite a bit. You won't be hearing this sort of nonsense from me again. Keep up the open and free speech. That is the big point that I missed.


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