In response to the Editor regarding "Issue 263: Playing a Role" of The Escapist Magazine: "Most importantly, role playing teaches us that it's OK to try, fail and try again. It gives us a comfort zone between our fragile selves and an unforgiving world. It allows us to experiment in ways that we might not otherwise. It allows us to have fun, which, frankly, is a worthy enough goal all on its own."

Hey there, famed Escapist Editor,

I first heard your name on the title animation for ZP.

Anyway, this quote from your Editor's Note on Issue 263 really inspired me and made my day. Quite frankly, I was having a gloom and ominous day today and was just looking for a bit of distraction, a little wandering, when I clicked on the "Editor's Note" link I've always ignored. Within it I found a spark of joy, a reminder of the happiness I'm used to, but have forgotten recently. This reminded me of the happiness that openness and an adventurous spirit rewards. It's a note that reminds you that life does go on, and we should with it, just by trying again.

- aquailiz

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