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Letters to the Editor
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The Escapist Staff | 16 Nov 2010 09:24
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In response to "Homeward (Earth)Bound" from The Escapist Forum: I owe my love of Earthbound to Ness' cameo in Smash Bros. He was the only character I didn't recognise, and as I loved him so much I sought out the game. Earthbound is one of the few JRPGs I've ever completed and loved.

The ending was especially moving. The power of praying and faith winning over aggression (may I add before someone berates me, NOT faith in religion or God, I won't spoil who they're praying to), the wonderful walk with Paula back to Twoson, then home to Onett as you talk with everyone you've saved. Then that wonderful end credits sequence where you finally find out what that strange spinning cameraman was doing, completely with a beautiful theme tune that's making me teary-eyed just typing this and remembering it.

A wonderful experience. If you have to get it on an emulator do so, that's the only way you can and it's fine. I did and I love it.

- The Tingler

Never ever got into Earthbound and have never really understood it's appeal. To me it's sort of like a popular sitcom (I'd name one, but there are so many of them) that everyone thinks is so clever and funny but that I just think completely fails for trying too hard. I know that Earthbound is supposed to be cute and clever as it pokes fun at itself and the genre as a whole.. but it just comes across to me as not funny or pleasing in any way.

Now that I think about it, Earthbound reminds me of that Matt Hazard game that was released not too long ago. The main thrust of the game was how it made fun of various game archetypes and tropes in the context of a standard 3rd person shooter, but the jokes were too obvious to be funny and the gameplay too run of the mill to be enjoyable so all you were left with was a shoddy version of what it was trying to imitate.

- StriderShinryu


In response to "What a Long, Strange Journey It's Been" from The Escapist Forum: That augmented reality thing reminded me of an anime series called Dennou Coil, which basically let people access a holographic 3D version of the internet by wearing special glasses. Maybe that's what he was thinking...? Interesting.

Anyway, I'm glad that you guys did a JRPG week, and I'm even more happy that you took the time to write a four-page SMT article. Atlus as a whole is just a damn fine game developer, and I couldn't be happier to be a fan of theirs. My only gripe is that some of their games crank the encounter rate up way too much to enjoy the story to its fullest. (I'm looking at you, Digital Devil Saga!)

Anyway, great article.

- KingKamor

Excellent interview. This is by far my favorite video game series. Persona 3 (FES) still stands as my favorite video game of all time.

It has storylines that are full of suspense, moral choice, symbolism, and pretty much everything else you could ask for. Plus, I like the fact that they almost always take place in modern or sci-fi settings.

As long as they keep making SMT games, I'll keep buying them.

- Timbydude


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