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Letters to the Editor
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The Escapist Staff | 16 Nov 2010 09:24
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In response to "Wussy RPG Girls" from The Escapist Forum: I like the article, it was informative and I agree with most of the stuff I already knew, but I have to have a geeky moment here and call out your use of Rosa as an example.

Sure, she got kidnapped, once, but that only happen after the bad guy flattened all the guys in your party with a single wave of the hand. One can hardly blame her for going along with him after that. Other than that, she had exactly zero moments of weakness or self-doubt throughout the entire game, and in fact near the end the guys all have a stupid macho sexist moment and try to convince the girls to stay behind, she and Rydia sneak along and demand to be included. Sure she only did it to be with her love and all that mushy crap, but it still basically amounted to her taking a direct stand against being "wussy" as you so eloquently put it.

Certainly there wasn't a lot of character development in that game, and I don't doubt for a second that if Rosa had more character development she would have turned into a standard Wussy RPG Girl, but it seems pretty obvious to me that throughout the game self-doubt was plaguing the guys, not the gals, and all the ridiculous self-sacrificing was done by old men and little children. The women just did what needed to be done.

- ZephrC

It's hard to find good writing in general, and even harder to find good writing about women. I just read Emma by Jane Austen and it's probably the best that I've come across so far. It's an interesting book. The story, the actual plot, is kind of like the background story of any Socratic dialog. Stuff happens and it's almost like noise. Then Emma has a side conversation with another character about the stuff that happened, and that's the part where thoughts and philosophies are revealed.

Whose responsibility is it to write good female characters for RPGs? When there's such a dearth of good writing in the rest of life, is it even reasonable to demand that it appear out of nowhere in an RPG?

Maybe this is an offshoot of what really angers traditional feminists: New Feminism. A growing number of self-identified feminists today don't care as much about absolute equality between the sexes. Equal opportunity is more important than equal outcome, for instance. They accept that men and women have gender-based roles. They cherish traditional feminine qualities and don't care to see women who are as tough and strong as men and who fight like men.

- stdragon

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